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Management File, Size A4, PP

Front Cover  0.14mm, Back  0.3 mm..

1.50AED Each

Clip File, Size A4,

0.65mm Thickness, 1 Mechanism..

3.00AED Each

Swing File

PP Material, For 20 Sheets ..

2.00AED Each

Stick File, transparent,Size A4,

PET Material, Thickness: 0.17mm..

2.00AED Each

Stick File,clear, Size A4,

Material PP, Thickness 0.14mm..

1.00AED Each

Square cut Folders - Blue

320 GSM - FIS..

44.00AED Pack of 50

Square cut Folders - Yellow

320 GSM - FIS..

44.00AED Pack of 50

Suspension (hanging) Folder,

A4 Material Weight: 180GSM..

32.00AED Pack of 25

Suspension (hanging) files F/S


32.00AED Pack of 25

L Shape File, Size A4,

Material: PP, Thickness: 0.18mm..

10.00AED Pack of 12

Clip Lay-Open Padding File, Top clip Size A4,

Lay open,Polyfoam PP,  1.8mm..

8.00AED Each

Clip Lay-Open Padding File, side clip Size A4,

Side Clip, Polyfoam PP,  1.8mm..

8.00AED Each

Display Book, PP Material, 20 Pockets A4

Pocket 4 microns, Cover 0.78mm...

7.00AED Each

Display O-Ring Folder with 20 Pockets, PP, A4

Thickness: 0.68mm, Pocket: 0.4mm..

9.00AED Each

Display Book, PP Material, 30 pockets

Thickness of Pockets: 0.03mm..

6.00AED Each

Display Book 30 Pockets, Size A4,

Pocket 4 microns, Cover PP, 0.78mm..

8.00AED Each

Display Book, PP Material, 40 Pockets

Thickness of Pockets: 0.03mm..

7.00AED Each

Display Book, PP Material, 80 Pockets, A4

Thickness: 0.68mm, Pocket: 0.4m..

10.00AED Each

Expanding File,6 Index, Size A4,

PP Material, Thickness: 0.5mm..

7.00AED Each

Expanding File Size 12 dividers, A4,

Material Polyfoam PP, ..

21.00AED Each

Banker Box A3


22.00AED Each

Banker Box A4


15.00AED Each

Files & Folders

Hanging files, management file, stick file, clear files, clip files, display books

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