Notebooks & Notepads

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Signature Book 20 - Leitz

Durable polypropylene covers with new hinge-openin

78.75AED Each

writing pad A4,

68 GSM Paper, 50 pages..

3.15AED Each

writing pad A5,

68 GSM Papers  48 pages..

1.84AED Each

Notebook Single Spiral A4,

Size 297 x 210mm, Sheet Color: White,  78 She

4.20AED Each

Notebook PVC Over the White Board Cover

16K, Size 264x192mm 60 pages..

5.25AED Each

Notebook A5, 60 pages

Size 210 x 148mm, 8mm x 22 Lines,  ..

2.63AED Each

Notebook Stitched Spine

Size 260x190mm, Cover,  60 pages..

3.68AED Each

Notebook, Double Spiral B5,

Size 263x193mm, 80 pages..

6.30AED Each

Notebook, Double Spiral,4 White Boards Dividers,

B5- PP cover 120 pages..

8.40AED Each

Manuscript / register Book A4

96 pages Ruled / 5 mm..

8.93AED Each

Notebooks & Notepads


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